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Cookies are packets of information sent by a web server/site to the user's browser, which are automatically stored on the computer and automatically returned to the server every time they access the site. By default, almost all web browsers are set to accept cookies automatically.

This website does not use cookies for the transmission of personal information. Our site uses third-party Google Analytics performance cookies (service provided by Google, Inc.) to allow us to collect anonymously and review visitor behavior while using the site and improve its usability and 'experience of use.

Through the use of the Google Analytics panel, you can see if visits have been made by new or return visitors by checking the way pages are navigated (Input, Outbound Links, Pageviews, Timeouts, geographic origin, etc.

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You can disable Google Analytics action through the tools provided by Google. For more information, please visit:

Manage and delete cookies
To disable the use of all or just some cookies, you must change the browsing settings (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.).
Usually, browsers are pre-set to accept cookies, unless they are configured differently by the user.
You can make your browser block some or all cookies, or have a message to you before you install a cookie.
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List of cookies used
From Google AnalyticsTerze Parts - Performance - Persistent
It is used to distinguish user and session. The cookie is updated each time the data is sent to Google Analytics.

__gat Google AnalyticsTerze Parts - Performance - Persistent
It is used to handle requests made to Google Analytics.

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The cookie stores the express acceptance of the use of cookies by the site.

Note: Third party cookies can change name, increase or decrease number at any time and without notice from the vendor.