Sun Click

Top connector system in multi-wall polycarbonate UV protected

The Sun Click system is composed of special panels in multi-wall honeycomb structure and connector profiles in polycarbonate.
The system is completed with fixing and closing accessories and offers low weight and considerable transparency. The absence of fixing holes on the polycarbonate ensures best prevention against water infiltration. Sun Click finds numerous applications in the residential and industrial building branch for roofs, projecting roofs, shelters, external glazing and walls and also for internal partition walls and decorative elements.

Elements of the system

  • Panels extruded in multi-wall polycarbonate with reinforced UV protected external side
    • thickness: 10 and 12 mm
    • modular width: 600 mm
    • length on size up to transportation limit
    • colours: clear, opaline, others on request
  • Clip connectors in UV protected polycarbonate for the jointing of the panels
  • Profiles and accessories to close the ends of the panels and connectors
  • Hooks and brackets for fixing on the structure

More details in the Technical Chart

Applications and use

  • Translucent roofs
  • Conservatories
  • Canopies and shelters
  • Rooflights


  • Transparency
  • Impact strength
  • Durability
  • Thermal insulation
  • Perfect water tightness of the joints
  • Safe anchorage of the panels
  • Free expansion of the panels without restrictions
  • Low total weight of the system
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Fire certification

More details in the Technical Chart


Brochure Sun Click
Technical Chart Sun Click